Thursday, May 1, 2014

Card #16: 1992 Donruss #29

YEAR: 1992
BRAND: Donruss
SET: Donruss
SUBSET: All Stars
TEAM: Cleveland Indians

Even though Sandy Alomar Jr. had a horrendous year in 1991, he was still elected to start the All Star game.  Likely this was due to a lack of a lot of compelling catchers that year, or he was still feeding off of his success in 1990.  All Star balloting has always been a rather controversial thing.  People vote for players they like, not players who deserve it.  What resulted is one of the worst starting selections of all time.  Alomar was hitting .241/.287/.305 with zero home runs and just four RBIs at the break.  His numbers would not actually get worse.  The major culprit was some nagging injuries.  But still, he did not deserve an All Star selection at all, much less the starting slot.

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