Saturday, May 3, 2014

One of the Strangest Items Now in My Collection

I recently picked up this comic book, yes a comic book:
The caption in the upper right corner says "Unauthorized and Proud of It".  Great.  Even so, it was cheap and it came with these:
These are listed on Beckett and I figured it was unlikely I could add them otherwise.

I should mention that I now have 500 different cards of Alomar with these three.

Like I said, the comic is one of the odder things in my collection, which now consists of a few Staring Lineup figures, a coin, and a small ping pong ball with Alomar's face, along with those of Alex Cole and Mark Lewis.  Truly this is becoming a multi-faceted collection.  The cards are the central focus though.  I don't mind adding the occasional random oddball item, but it is unlikely that I will go out of my way to do so.  I mostly picked up this comic for the three cards.

I did read the comic though.  It mostly tells the story of the Alomar brothers on their path to the Major Leagues through the San Diego Padres system.  Sandy seemed like he was the more grounded among the two, at least from the comic.  Their personal lives seem to reflect this.  While Sandy got married and had children, Roberto had a number of relationships and had the disastrous public relations nightmare of being accused of spreading AIDS maliciously.

The comic shows Roberto as a bit of a dreamer, whereas Sandy was realistic and hard-working.  Roberto had significantly more natural talent, particularly as a hitter, but Sandy worked hard to hone his skills.  It was interesting, but I am not sure how true it is and it is likely not something I will pick up and read often.

The biggest issue I had with it was that it completely missed the two short stints Sandy had with the Padres before being traded to the Indians.  It did not even mention them.  Which is strange because it was a time that both brothers and their father, who was a coach for the Padres, were all in the big leagues with the same team.  I would have thought that would have merited at least a mention.

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