Saturday, May 31, 2014

Shiny and Wooden Mailday

It's been about a week since my last Alomar card came in.  I know I have a number to receive yet, but for some reason they have not been coming in lately.  Today, that changed in a big way:
The first card is a Mirror Gold parallel from 1997 Pinnacle Certified.  I still need the Mirror Black, which I suspect will be hard to come by, and apparently the Mirror Red.  I had the red version which is different I guess.  I had to amend my collection list to reflect that.

The second card came in a Red Sox trade.  Every great while I find someone with an Alomar I need on the forums.  This is one such time.  I miss Score, but not as much as Pacific.

And the third is definitely one of my new favorite Alomar cards.  This card has bat pieces from all three Alomars who have played in the Majors.  Sandy Sr. represents the Braves, Roberto oddly represents the Indians, and Sandy Jr. represents the White Sox.  It is my second triple bat card of Sandy Jr. with the White Sox.

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