Thursday, May 15, 2014

Card #29: 1989 Donruss #28

YEAR: 1989
BRAND: Donruss
SET: Donruss
SUBSET: Rated Rookies
TEAM: San Diego Padres

My second Alomar rookie card was the Donruss card.  This featured the Rated Rookie logo, which was one of my favorite Donruss subsets, next to Diamond Kings.  Alomar was a Rated Rookie twice actually.  Fitting, since he was the Minor League Player of the Year in both 1988 and 1989.  The 1989 Donruss set was one of my first favorite sets.  Though I have no real idea why that is.  There are a number of variations for the 1989 Donruss set.  On the back, the "INC" came with a period and without and there was an extra asterisk in the stats section as well.  My first of the four variations came with the period and the extra asterisk.

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