Monday, May 5, 2014

More Variations and Team Cards

Okay, this is probably where my OCD really kicks in.  Recently I was doing some more research on errors and variations after discovering the variation on the 1989 Topps rookie card and I found a very helpful thread on the Beckett forums discussing errors and variations.  That thread listed a number of print run variations on cards from the late 1980's/early 1990's, extremely minor changes.  Yet most of the collectors in the thread treated these minor variations as separate cards, so of course I had to as well.

Here is the first one, from 1989 Donruss:
Note the "*Denotes" on the left and the "*Denotes*" on the right next to performance?  That is the variation.  Like I said, it is extremely small, but my brain tells me it is a different card.  So there you go.

Here is the next two from 1992 Donruss:

You can probably barely see it on the first card, but the second card is better.  The copyright lists "Leaf Inc" or "Leaf Inc."  Again, so minor, most people would barely register it, but I am not most people.  And I am a supercollector these days, so these are treated as different cards.

The same thing with the missing period can be seen in the 1991 Donruss cards below:

Finally, on this 1991 Stadium Club, there is either a "*A" or "*B".  This is likely to differentiate print runs, I think:
I justify this madness by pointing out that the 1990 Fleer set has a Canadian version whose sole difference is that the copyright is either in the U.S. or Canada.  So there is some precedent for this.  I do need the 1990 Fleer Canadian card, especially since the 1990 Fleer was one of my early favorites.

I will probably not seek these out, but if I have doubles and there is a variation, I will count the card as a separate card.

Now after all of that madness, I have been kicking myself lately trying to decide whether to include team cards that Alomar appears on.  I finally decided this weekend to include those cards, mostly due to the fact that I count them with my Red Sox collection.  So here are the three team cards I have with Sandy on them:
The Topps Heritage is important because Alomar is actually a coach on that card, seating right next to the manager.

Here are some of the closeups of Alomar on each card, which did not come out terrifically well:

Again, like the variations, I am not going to seek these out, but it is nice to have them.

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