Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Pickups

It was another big mailday for my Sandy Alomar Jr. collection.  Most of the items were from Ebay, although there was one Beckett marketplace order.  The biggest additions were undoubtedly the autograph cards.
I am not sure what the Schwebel's Stars disc is.  I am a little disappointed with it because it is too large to fit in the nine pocket pages.  So I have to keep it separated from the other stuff.  I love the autograph card.  I am surprised it is not serial-numbered.  There are only 100 made and I have mostly seen it for very high prices.  I lucked out.  The 7-11 coin is a Sportflics-like card and is kind of interesting.  I apparently had the Upgrade version of the Swing for the Fences card, which was much more rare.  So I added this one.  I like the design of the Pacific card on the bottom row.
I finally got the regular version of 2005 Rookie Cup.  I am working on picking up all of the color variations.  I already have the orange.  The 1991 Topps card is the reprint version from Rookie Cup.  I have the Original Relics card as well.  Finally, we have the Millenium Marks Autograph as well, which leaves only the red version to get.

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