Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More Tek Progress and My First Printing Plate

Three nice hefty packages showed up today.  The first one is my very first order from COMC.  I don't know why it took so long before I tried it out.  Maybe because I was concerned about the shipping.  I don't really know.  Well, I picked up a few random cards:
Obviously you can see the Tek cards were the focus.  I picked up all three from the site bringing my number of those variations to seven.  The Bowman Heritage is a short print.  The Flair Showcase is one of the rarer Legacy Collection parallels.  The Pacific card was on my Top Ten Most Wanted and there is a minor league card and a couple of nice Pinnacle parallels as well thrown in.  Not a bad collection of cards.

The next pickup was a small buy from a store in the Beckett marketplace:
The first two cards are the Devil Rays inaugural cards.  The third is my eighth different Topps Tek card.

And this is the highlight of my day:
My first Alomar printing plate and first 1/1.  This comes from the 2004 Topps Total set and is the cyan plate.  This is one of the better action shots of Alomar in a non-Indians uniform.  That was another reason to be excited about it.

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