Sunday, May 4, 2014

Card #18: 1992 Fleer #698

YEAR: 1992
BRAND: Fleer
SET: Fleer
SUBSET: Super Star Specials
TEAM: Cleveland Indians

This is the first of several cards in my collection that also feature Sandy's more famous, Hall of Fame brother Roberto.  Roberto Alomar was an extremely talented second baseman for a number of teams, including the Toronto Blue Jays.  My little brother was a big fan of Roberto as he was a Blue Jays collector.  He and I had a standing agreement that any time he got a Sandy I needed, I would give him a Roberto he needed.   Obviously I was not going to part with this one though.  It is kind of amazing how much bigger Sandy is than his brother.  That will be even more pronounced on some of the upcoming cards featuring the brothers.

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