Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weekend Pickups

I got quite a few cards in over the weekend that I had not previously had time to scan, so here they are:
This particular scan consists of a COMC package and another Beckett package.  The COMC package is the first four cards which includes another Leaf buyback and the orange version of the Rookie Cup card.  I still need the blue, green, gold, and silver (though gold and silver will be hard to find).

The middle card is really a magnet, but since it fits in a page, I will count it as a card.  The next card is from the 1989 Padres Magazine set, a cutout set from the team magazine.  This is one that I thought would have been a lot harder to find.  I was pleasantly surprised when I managed to find it, and for a decent price too.
The first two cards from this scan also came in the Beckett package.  The next three Topps cards are all the Tiffany versions.

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