Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lots of Alomars With Some Big Thanks to Baseball Dad

Yikes, I have fallen behind.  I have been on a bit of a binge lately as you will soon see.  Here are the pickups with some random notes occasionally.

The first eight cards came from one seller, the last came in a trade:
1.  2002 Topps Traded SP.  All of the non-rookies from this set were short-printed.  Nice rare Rockies card here.

2.  1990 O-Pee-Chee.  I never really know what to do with these that have the "Now with..." label.  I don't really need to worry about that with this.

3.  2002 Topps Traded Gold.

4.  2003 Topps Heritage SP.  Another nice SP from Heritage.

5.  2005 Fleer Gray Back.

6.  2005 Topps Total Silver.  Rare Rangers sighting.

7.  2006 Upper Deck Special FX Green.  Rare Dodgers sighting.

8.  2005 Topps Rookie Cup Original Relics.  Wow, this is a nice card.  Numbered out of just three, it has a real nice trophy that you can actually feel.  

9.  1991 King-B Discs.  Kind of a strange oddball.

The next two were Ebay buys, followed by a trade focused on oddball cards:
10.  1998 Starting Lineup.  Alomar is the only non-Red Sox player for whom I bother with SLUs.

11.  2004 Donruss Timelines Recollection Autographs.  My first Alomar auto.

12.  1989 Panini.

13.  1989 Procards.  I figure the occasional minor league issue is acceptable with the single player collection.

14.  1989 Star.

15.  1991 Classic II.

16.  1991 Post Canadian.  I like food issues.  I wish they were still around.

17.  1992 Classic Game.

18.  1992 Panini.

The first four continued the trade and then after that you will see a massive trade from Jack of Baseball Dad.  I reached out to him when I picked this collection back up and asked about any spare Alomars he had.  He sent me a nice package full of stuff.  Your side is on the way.
19.  1992 Panini AS.

20.  1993 Topps Micro.

21.  1992 Topps Micro.

22.  1999 Topps.

23.  2003 Fleer Tradition Update.

24.  1997 New Pinnacle.  Interesting shot looking at a camera.  Alomar has a lot of weird, fun shots.

25.  1998 Bowman International.

26.  1998 Bowman's Best.

27.  1997 Collector's Choice CG.

28.  1998 Donruss.

More from Jack:
29.  1998 Pinnacle Performers.

30.  1999 Aurora.

31.  1999 Bowman.

32.  1999 Paramount.

33.  1999 Skybox Molten Metal.

34.  1999 Stadium Club.  He also has a ton of nice play-at-the-plate shots.  This is one of the best.

35.  1999 Victory.

36.  2000 Topps.

37.  2000 Victory.
38.  2001 Topps Opening Day.

39.  1996 Pacific Crown Collection.

40.  1996 Metal Universe Platinum.

41.  1991 Classic I.

42.  1993 Ultra.

43.  1994 Collector's Choice Silver Signature.

44.  1995 Fleer Revco.  I was surprised to see this was a Revco card, not a base card.

45.  1996 Circa.

46.  1996 Fleer Indians.  Another parallel, I have most of the Red Sox team set.

The first one is from Jack, the second is from a trade, and the last is one of the new crown pieces to my collection:
47.  1996 Metal Universe.  Thanks Jack for all the help!

48.  1994 Upper Deck Eletric Diamond.

49.  1998 Donruss Crusade Purple.  I don't even have a Red Sox crusade cards.  These were hard to find and expensive.

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  1. Glad to help !
    I'm seeing some Alomars from your other trades that I need !!