Monday, April 7, 2014

Some Shininess and Some Oddballs

I definitely ran the gamut in the next several cards.  A very rare parallel from a 1990's perspective, one of the elusive and highly-desired 1993 Finest Refractors and a whole bunch of food-issue oddballs.  Things will eventually start to slow down, not yet though:
1.  1999 Finest Gold Refractor.  This is numbered out of 100 which was a low-numbered parallel in the 1990's.  I found this for sale on one of the forums and had to talk the member into selling it to me.  Apparently he was headed to a show in the Cleveland area and thought he could sell it there for $15.00.  So I overpaid a bit, but I got it.  Gotta be willing to do that with a single player collection on occasion.

2.  1993 Finest Refractor.  This is the second time I bought this card.  The first time I received the card and it was clearly not the refractor.  But this one definitely is.

3.  1991 Mootown Snackers Signature Series.  Classic food-issue oddball without an MLB license.

4.  1991 Jumbo Sunflower Seeds Autograph Series II.  Another oddball

5.  1993 Kraft Singles Superstar.  This is a pop-up card.  I am a little surprised Alomar got one in this set because he did not have a great 1992.

6.  1999 Topps Opening Day.

7.  1996 Leaf.

8.  1997 Ultra.

9.  1995 Score Gold Rush.
10.  1997 Upper Deck.

11.  1997 Fleer.

12.  1995 Fleer.

So a bunch more cards, thanks to another Ebay lot and some random singles.  Not bad.

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