Thursday, April 10, 2014

Die Cuts, Oddballs, and Coins?!

More stuff to show off.  I bought another lot off of Ebay, probably the last one I will need to buy.  It provided a number of cards, then I picked up a few random singles that looked like necessities.
The Gold Crown Die Cut and the In the Cage Die Cut are two of the reasons that I loved Pacific in the 1990's.  They had a ton of interesting die cut cards.  The In the Cage has a number of holes where the fencing is.  It is just a real cool-looking card.  I have a Nomar Garciaparra in my Red Sox collection that I spent a little money on, this one cost a couple of bucks.  By far one of my favorite buys in the collection.  
The Sportflics card is a little disappointing because Alomar has only a headshot, which you can kind of see through Gary Sheffield.  I am not sure what to think of the drawn card, other than that it is a 9 year old who drew it.  I like the SP Authentic card.  I really don't have a lot of serial-numbered cards in my Alomar collection.  The Showdown is another Rangers card, that's probably all of the Rangers Alomar cards that exist now.  And I now have two of the 90 different Tek variations.  Anyone have any others?  I would love to get all 90.
Alomar has a number of closeup cards of his face wearing the catcher's mask for some reason.  This is a Pre-Production Sample card.

Finally, the Starting Lineup card and figure also came with this coin:
I don't make these part of the card collection, but it is an interesting additional piece.

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