Monday, April 14, 2014

A White Sox Triple Bat Card, Some Oddballs, and Some 90's Parallels

Some major stuff to show off that came in today.  I love it when my post office box is full of padded envelopes.
That first card is without a doubt one of my favorite cards in my player collection.  A triple bat card showing Alomar with the White Sox is just something that you don't see too often.  Frank Thomas and Magglio Ordonez are also on the card, but you know Alomar is my favorite here.

The Dodgers card came in a big trade that got me a lot of Red Sox.  This was the only new Alomar in the package, though it did have a couple of duplicates.  The 2006 Upper Deck is the only card showing him with the Dodgers, of course it has a large number of parallels as well.  This is my third variation of this card.

The rest of the cards from this scan are a variety of oddballs, including Broder cards.  I like the 1990 Donruss Learning Series.
The first eight cards came from one Beckett store where my intention was to add a bunch of 90's parallels.  I like the Prism cards in particular.  Unfortunately 1999 Prism did not have nearly as many parallels as 2000 Prism.  There are still three variations of this card I need.

The little card is a Humpty Dumpty oddball.  I did take it out of the packaging.

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