Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Last Huge Mailday...For Awhile

Yes you read that title correctly.  I have been on a massive binge lately, buying several large lots, getting one much-appreciated trade with Baseball Dad, and buying up a bunch of commons from some online stores.  Now all of that must slow down.  To begin with, I now have most (not quite all) of Alomar's base cards, so all that would be left would be inserts, parallels, and minor league cards.  Alomar only has about 1200 or so cards out there and I now have nearly 500.  Yes there are still plenty out there and I will continue adding to my collection, but things need to slow a little bit or there won't be much left to chase.

So then, here is the latest huge batch of cards:
Some minor league sightings here, all three with the Las Vegas Stars, the AAA affiliate of the Padres at the time.  Alomar won the Minor League Player of the Year twice in a row.  I really like the Pinnacle parallels, so I had to have the 1994 card.
Here we have the first new card from my Top 10 wantlist, fourth card in the scan.  You can kind of tell that it is die-cut.  I would love to add one of the 1997 Flair Showcase Masterpiece 1/1s.
And the Bowman Heritage Chrome is another card from the Top 10.  The Prism base leaves me needing two parallels to complete that run.
The first two cards of this scan are also from my Top 10.  So a lot of stuff coming off that list with this stuff.  I love the Family Tree card showing Sandy in an Indians uniform but a White Sox logo and Roberto in a Mets uniform.  I have a lot of cards with both Alomars with the Padres and some with Indians/Blue Jays, but this is the first White Sox/Mets, probably the only one.

The Fleer Tradition is yet another that features a closeup of Alomar in his catcher's mask, that is a common shot for him for some reason.
I got the Atomic Refractor in a sale on a forum along with a nice Xander Bogaerts.  The autograph is the fifth card from my Top 10.

So maildays will be slower from now on.  This was a great package to go out on.

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