Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Largest Alomar Mailday Ever...

It was an epic mailday.  59 new cards today in four packages.  That is huge.  Well, one package was huge.  The others three were much smaller, but still important.
The first two cards were from a 1999 Starting Lineup Classic Doubles package which featured a card and figure of Alomar with the Indians and a card and figure with the Wichita Pilots, a minor league team formerly in the San Diego Padres system that Alomar played for in 1987.  The card is pretty clearly actually showing Alomar with the Indians, as can be told by the receding hairline and aged features, he actually looks younger on the Indians card, which is apparently a photo negative (note the backwards Indians logo on the hat).  Weird stuff.  I only need two more Alomar Starting Lineups, a One-on-One with Ken Griffey, Jr. and a 1990 Award Winners piece with Barry Bonds, Doug Drabek, Rickey Henderson, David Justice, and Bob Welch.

The Cracker Jack was the second package.  The next five Broder cards were the third package.  Finally the fourth package was a Just Commons order in which I picked up pretty much everything they had that I needed. 
The fifth card is the glossy parallel available only in complete sets.  I like the Ultra card with Roberto sitting with his older brother.  It is pretty clear just how much bigger Sandy was than Roberto.  He was several inches taller and significantly heavier.  The 2002 Fleer is the Gold Back version.  I love just about any card focusing on Sandy's amazing 1997 All Star Game.  The last card in the scan is one such card.
The third card is from 1991 O-Pee-Chee.   We have a nice action shot of Alomar sliding into third.  There are not a lot of cards that feature Alomar on the bases.  He was not exactly a burner.
The scan is bad but the one in the middle is the gold refractor version of 2002 Topps Traded. 
The Pinnacle Museum Collection is a post-play-at-the-plate featuring Ken Griffey Jr. 
Nice play-at-the-plate shots of Alomar with Paul Molitor on 1994 Score.  We also have Alomar diving for an errant thrown on 1994 Ultra.  Kind of an awkward picture, but interesting.  With the addition of the Tiffany card of Alomar's 1996 Fleer, I now have all of the variations of that card, except the regular base card.  Alomar looks annoyed in the 1996 Ultra card.
Finally, another picture of Alomar playing with a camera.  He is playing with a different camera on his 1997 New Pinnacle card.

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