Sunday, April 13, 2014

Card #4: 1991 Score #851

YEAR: 1991
BRAND: Score
SET: Score
SUBSET: The Franchise
TEAM: Cleveland Indians

Ah, here we go.  This was the first card that really appealed to me.  1991 Score had five different Alomar cards in the set.  It was a set with a number of subsets: All Stars, The Franchise, Award Winners, Riflemen, and a number of others.  This is from The Franchise which had one important player per team.  Roger Clemens was the Red Sox representative.  Alomar was the Indians representative, which made sense since, at the time, he was probably the best player they had.  Carlos Baerga and Albert Belle would soon develop, but Alomar's 1990 season was very impressive.  He was also a catcher.  This card may have been one of the early ones to lead me to deciding to collect Alomar, though again, I have no memory of how I came to have this one.

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