Friday, March 28, 2014

Mail Call! With a Package from The Junior Junkie

My first package with another blogger came in yesterday from The Junior Junkie.  He sent me a random assortment of Sandy Alomar Jrs.  Most of them were cards I had previously but one stood out, the 1994 Stadium Club base card.  I had the Golden Rainbow parallel, but not the base, oddly enough.

Thanks T.J.!

As you can see, quite a few other cards to show off today.  The Topps Tek is my first of Alomar.  I would love to build the entire series of his cards, in fact that may be one of my big goals to get started.  It may be difficult though because the set is now 15 years old.   Not too many people breaking it.

You can see ten cards from the Star company.  These are kind of interesting cards that come in packages of about ten or so devoted to one player.  I have a number of these in my Red Sox collection, this is my second Alomar set.  The black one is apparently some kind of promo.

The final card is a 1997 Pinnacle Fanfest SP.  This is from the All Star game in which Alomar homered to win the MVP.  Pretty cool.  I had never seen one before.  I may have overpaid for it, but not a problem.  Gotta be willing to do that with a single player collection, at least occasionally.

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