Sunday, March 23, 2014

The One Time I Saw Alomar Play

I have not been to a lot of baseball games over the years.  I live in Nebraska, Kansas City has been the closest team and even that was a four or five hour drive.  Just not something I did a lot.  Most of the games over the years that I have seen have been Red Sox games, for obvious reasons, but I did see the Royals play the Indians once.

My first baseball game I think was in July of 1992.  I think I have tracked down the date to July 17, a Friday night, based entirely on my memory of Sandy Alomar Jr.'s performance.  In that game, he doubled and was stranded at second base.  He did catch two runners attempting to steal with one other player successful.  He caught Wally Joyner and Brian McRae while Curt Wilkerson was successful.

That was the one time I saw Sandy Alomar Jr. play.  It was one of the rare games that season that he was healthy.  Yes I was collecting him at the time.  I remember after the game I sent a letter to him with a couple of cards to autograph.  I never did get them back.  That was the only time I ever attempted to get a TTM autograph.  It did kind of sour me on the whole thing, but it did not effect my view on Sandy.

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