Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Tek Progress

I am getting there.  Recently I reached out to Matt, the other Sandy Alomar Jr. collector, with a proposal.  I would send him a bunch of my duplicate Tek cards for the five Tek cards he had that I didn't.  He agreed to the proposal which I was very happy about.  In the meantime I managed to acquire one of the five, so I only ended up with four new cards.  That means Matt will be getting one back soon.  But anyway, four new Tek cards is nothing to sneeze at, particularly since I have only been able to add one at a time for awhile now.

Here are the new ones:
Those are patterns 34, 51, 70, and 87.  That brings me down to just 19 needed to complete the run.

1.  I did add four more Tek cards from the #1 item on my Top 10.  Not enough to knock it off the list, but it is an improvement.

2.  Four new cards bringing my total up to 904.  96 to go to 1,000.

3.  No progress.

4.  No progress.

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  1. Thanks for the trade Brad, I received my end this week.