Monday, January 5, 2015

Dodger Blue

This is pretty big.  I just received my first card from my Top 10 Most Wanted for the year, one of five slots I wanted to knock off this year.  This was #7 on my list, as well as the Most Wanted Dodger card:
2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Blue.  The research I have done on these seems to lead to the conclusion that the Blues are exceptionally rare, possibly only 20 of each card.  I bought this for a buck for an incredible steal I think.  There are not many Dodger cards of Alomar out there, pretty much just variations of the 2006 Upper Deck card as Alomar only played part of the 2006 season with LA.  The blue background looks great with this card. 


  1. I had no idea the F/X Blues were that rare. I have a couple in my binders, picked them up for basically peanuts. Congrats on knocking off one of your Most Wanted!

  2. I've never come across anything definitive, but I recall several auctions back in the day listed them as having a print run of 25. I pulled two when I bought a box a few years back (also pulled two red #'ed /50). The lack of numbering combined with being from an obscure megaflop set probably killed the value. Still a great looking card and a nice cheap pickup. Nice find