Sunday, January 4, 2015

First New Cards of 2015

I received a COMC order on Friday, my first new cards in either collection.  Unfortunately this was supposed to be a six card order:

1.  1998 Leaf Fractal Materials Sample.  This card has a big, bold, black "Sample" stamped on the back.  The texture is leather, which is kind of cool.

2.  1994 Pinnacle Artist's Proof.  I am not sure what the point of the Artist's Proofs are.  Other than the gold foil stamp, there is nothing to distinguish this from the base card.

3.  1998 Pacific Invincible Platinum Blue.  This is the rarest of the three colors from this set.  I picked up a number of packs from this set as well as a hobby box and had a couple of blue cards, but nothing like this Alomar.  Definitely my favorite card from the order.

4.  1997 Leaf Limited.  I had the Exposure parallel of this card from long ago.  These cards featured two players.  Dan Wilson of the Mariners is on the other side.

As I alluded to, there was a problem with this order.  I ordered two additional cards:

1.  1997 Pacific Crown Collection Prism Platinum. 

2.  1999 Topps Gold Label Black.

Both cards were clearly pictured and clearly described, but the cards that I received were not the ones I ordered.  Both were cards I already had.  I contacted COMC customer support, but at this point it is not clear where the mistake was.  The only thing I know is that I need to return the wrong cards.  I am trying to figure out whether COMC had the cards I was supposed to get or whether the cards were mislabeled entirely.  Unfortunately this means that I have no idea if I am getting those cards or not.  My biggest pet peeve in collecting is not getting cards that I count on getting.  It drives me crazy.  I am not sure where to find those two cards if they are not available.  They are not for sale on any other site I am aware of and I can't seem to find anyone else that has them available.  I may have to wait awhile and see if they show up somewhere unless someone out there reading this has them.  Then please contact me.  Also, if you have any of the other cards I need.

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