Friday, January 30, 2015

Score Team Collections and an Oddball

In the mid to late 1990's, most of the major companies released team-centric sets for some of the more popular teams.  They were mostly just like the base cards, but with a different logo or foil and coming in boxes with just one team represented.  I loved the idea as a team collector.  However, it was not a fad that lasted long or was terribly popular.  Some of the parallels are extremely hard to find on the secondary market.

I recently purchased a couple of the base versions I still needed.  As said above, I am still on the lookout for the parallels.
1.  1997 Score Indians Update.  This one is odd.  There was already a Team Collection card with a red foil bottom that was released.  Apparently Score decided to release a different version updating some members of the team.  I had no idea there would be much of a difference, but the card was cheap so I picked it up.  I was surprised with the red foil lettering and team logo.  It is actually a nice-looking card.

2.  1998 Score Team Collection.  I bought a box of the Red Sox Team Collection.  I didn't need a box of this, just this card and the parallel.  Still looking for the parallel.

3.  1991 Stadium Club No Foil.  I have no idea what this is.  I don't believe that this card was meant to end up on the secondary market.  It is not finished.  The card is missing the gold foil entirely and the glossy finish.  The Stadium Club logo and the lines around the player name are missing entirely.  I have seen a number of these elsewhere, but this is the first Alomar I have seen.  If it were not as cheap as it was, I doubt I would have picked it up.

1.  No progress.

2.  Three new cards, up to 915.  85 to go.

3.  Resolution previously achieved.

4.  No progress.

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