Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Upper Deck Buyback

This is one of the more expensive individual cards that I have picked up.  It was worth it though.  This is the 1989 Upper Deck buyback card from 2009.  The Upper Deck rookie card is my favorite of Alomar's rookies and it was a very highly sought-after card.  So to have this buyback is big to me.  I was not sure I would ever see a copy.  I am very happy with this pickup.


  1. Thank you for out bidding me!
    It is only the second one I've seen listed on ebay and first since it was released. The first one sold for $2 or $3 and I didn't bother to bid because I knew nothing of them and thought they would be plentiful, I was wrong. I saw one sold on COMC but no price is supplied for the sold items. I hope there's a few more out there.

  2. Sorry about that. 2 or 3 dollars would have been much more preferable for price. I think I heard at one point that there were about 20 of each, but I have no idea if that is accurate or not.