Thursday, December 11, 2014

More Parallel Madness from COMC and Ebay

I had an eight-card mailday earlier this week that resulted in these new additions:
1.  1997 Topps Stars Always Mint.  The front of this card does not look a lot different than the front of the base, which is a little disappointing.  The back clearly has more foil on it.

2.  2002 Fleer Tiffany.  Believe it or not, I have two parallels of the 2002 Fleer card, and yet I still don't have the base card.  It is one of the few base cards I still need.

The next six cards all came from a COMC order:
3.  1997 Ultra Platinum Medallion.  My first Platinum Medallion card from any Ultra set.  Of course this is not serial-numbered.

4.  1997 Donruss Press Proof Silver.  I previously had the Gold version, so I needed the silver.

5.  1997 Pacific Crown Collection Prism Light Blue.  I previously had the silver on this one, but I definitely prefer this one.  I do have one or two in my Red Sox collection, Reggie Jefferson as I recall.

6.  1995 Donruss Press Proof.  I never did really understand what Donruss meant by Press Proof.

7.  1998 Pacific Omega Red.  I liked the Omega parallels with the different colored foil sides.  The other parallels were not as exciting.

8.  1998 Sports Illustrated Extra Edition.  I love this shot, and this is another card celebrating Alomar's All Star Game MVP, one of his biggest career accomplishments.

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