Friday, December 5, 2014

Random Topps Parallels

After perusing the Beckett Marketplace for the Wichita card shown earlier this week, I discovered a seller with a few needed Alomar parallels.  I placed a quick order and received these three cards today:
1.  2003 Topps Chrome Uncirculated Xfractor.  The scan does not really show it too well, but yes this is an Xfractor.  I think it was supposed to come in a plastic case though.  I am not too bothered by that, because now this fits in my binder.

2.  1998 Bowman's Best Refractor.  Also not clearly shown is the fact that this is a refractor as well.

3.  1996 Stadium Club Extreme Players Bronze.  I had the gold version already.  Now I just need the silver and I will have all three.

I really like all three of these cards.  The 2003 is my personal favorite since it is a team that is not as heavily represented in my collection, and it is only numbered out of 57.  All three are nice additions though.

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