Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Burbank Order

I placed an order with Burbank Sportscards because I saw a card that I decided I really wanted:
1.  2001 Fleer Premium Star Ruby.  This was the card that I wanted.  The Star Rubies are numbered to just 125 and it is a White Sox card.  So I was happy to add this to my collection.

2.  1995 Pacific.  I was surprised to learn recently that I did not have this.  Seemed odd.  Now rectified.

3.  2002 Fleer.  Another base card that I did not have.  I had two different parallels, including one numbered to 200.  But I did not have the base card.

4.  1998 Pacific Crown Collection Silver.  I have several versions of this card.

5.  1992 Topps Gold.  The Gold Winners are apparently more common than these.  Seems odd to me.

6.  1999 Paramount Gold.  One of about 857 parallel sets that Pacific made.

7.  1998 Topps Opening Day.  Another base card that I was surprised I did not have.

8.  1995 Stadium Club Virtual Reality Members Only.  The rare double parallel.

9.  1997 Bowman Chrome Refractor.  I was surprised I did not have this one too.  Keeping track of all the parallels can be a pain sometimes.

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