Sunday, June 22, 2014

Pacific Pickups

Well I guess they aren't all Pacific cards.  The first one is another of the 2004 Donruss Recollection autographs, but the rest were Pacific inserts and parallels.
1.  2004 Donruss Recollection Autographs 1994.  This is my third Recollection autograph.  Still a long ways to go yet.  I also have the 1996 and the 1989.  The 1989 is still my favorite because it was his rookie card.  I have a number of these in my Red Sox collection as well, including Dwight Evans, Carney Lansford, and Jason Varitek.

2.  1998 Pacific Crown Collection Team Checklists.  This actually has Manny Ramirez on the back.  But we don't really need to see Manny here.  I like the fact that Sandy is on the front.  The back is not nearly as interesting.

3.  1998 Omega Face to Face.  Another Pacific insert with another star on it, this one has Mike Piazza of the Mets.  This card was on my Top 10 Most Wanted list.  Nice to add one of those.

4.  1998 Pacific Online Winners.  The gold foil version of the massive Online set.  This is not a very exciting card, but I loved the set, particularly as a Red Sox fan.

5.  1998 Pacific Crown Collection Platinum Blue.  Another nice play at the plate shot of Alomar, this one against the Blue Jays.

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