Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Trade with Another Alomar Collector

Recently another Sandy Alomar Jr. collector contacted me.  I know, weird right?  Well he offered a couple of cards that I needed.  Matt also started a blog with his collection here.  And these are the cards he sent me:
These cards and the first two in the second scan are all from another Star player set.  This is an all-Padres set like my first one.  I still love getting Padres cards of Alomar even though he only had eight games with them.
We have the remaining cards from the Star set, a couple of parallels, two base cards I surprisingly did not have, and another buyback here.  All in all this was a terrific influx of cards that I needed.  Thanks a lot Matt!  Your cards are on their way.


  1. Glad you like the cards and you got them in a timely fashion...better you have them then sit in a box in the basement as duplicates...I didn't find the Star cards until just before I sent them...I won an auction years ago that had 3 sealed sets...I was really just interested in one & forgot I had them...I need several base set cards just because I refuse to pay the increased cost of shipping them to Canada.

  2. And not that it matters too much between competing Alomar collectors, but I do already have the latest Donruss Recollections Autograph that was listed on eBay.

  3. Well one less person to worry about then.