Monday, August 25, 2014

Some Random Pickups

I recently bought a small number of cards from a seller on one of the forums.  
1.  1991 Donruss AS Factory Set Variation.  The border is a little bit different on this variation from the one found in packs.

2.  1998 Paramount Gold.  I have a few of the color variations now from this set.

3.  1999 Skybox Molten Metal MS Xplosions.  This is my favorite of the group.  This card is made of a thin metal and is a very interesting insert.  It is my first ever from this set.

4 and 5.  These are from the 1998 Pinnacle Snapshots set which was a collection of 3 by 5 photos released as a baseball card set.  They came in packages designated by teams.  I like the second one better.  These will not go in my card album but will be with my other items, such as my SLUs and my comic book.

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