Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Card #93: 1995 Donruss #3

YEAR: 1995
BRAND: Donruss
SET: Donruss
TEAM: Cleveland Indians

As you may be able to tell, my Alomar collection went through a long dry spell.  I stopped actively seeking Alomar cards sometime in the second part of the 1993 season.  I did not pick back up until some time in 1995.  Part of this was due to the almost constant injuries Alomar suffered.  Part of it was that my baseball card collecting slowed during this period in general.  I was still getting Red Sox cards but not as many.  I was still buying packs, but not as often.  And I almost never got Alomar cards in packs at all, and certainly none during this time period.  In fact, it would be a couple of years before I got any Alomar cards in packs.  I picked this one up along with several others at a card store, temporarily reviving the Alomar collection.  I like the photos on this card, very action-packed.

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