Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Filling in Some Holes

Three packages came in over the last few days that all included multiple cards.  These were attempts to fill in a bunch of the base card gaps and the occasional parallel for good measure.
1.  1998 Crown Royale.  This was a weird set.  All the cards were die-cut, similar to the Gold Crown die-cut inserts.

2.  2003 Topps Home Team Advantage.  I don't really know what these were but adding another White Sox card is always exciting.

3.  1998 Topps Diamondbacks Inaugural WS.  The Diamondbacks were the last of the four expansion teams I needed.

4.  1998 Topps Diamondbacks Inaugural.

5.  1998 Sports Illustrated HL.  I had the Extra Edition parallel of this card but not the base card.

6.  1997 Score Artist's Proof White Border.  I kept seeing this on Ebay but it had too high of a price tag.  I got this one for a fraction of that price.

7.  1996 Stadium Club Members Only.  I still need a few parallels of this card.

8.  1996 Flair Gold.  There is also a silver foil version that is still on my Top 10.

9.  1995 Score Platinum Team Set.  I think these were only available through a mail-in special.
10.  1995 Collector's Choice Gold Signature.  I would like this better if it had a gold border like the 1994 set.

11.  1993 Stadium Club Members Only.

12.  1995 Upper Deck Electric Diamond.  Terrific action shot.  There is apparently a gold version of this too.

13.  2001 Topps Home Team Advantage.

14.  2000 Topps Home Team Advantage.

15.  1994 Upper Deck Fun Pack.  Nice Roberto cameo here.

16.  1993 O-Pee-Chee.

17.  1994 O-Pee-Chee.

18.  1999 Skybox Thunder.
19.  1998 Upper Deck Special FX.  I did not know they did this set in 1998.

20.  1999 Pacific Red.  There are still a ton of Pacific parallels out there.

21.  1991 Sports Illustrated for Kids.  A friend of mine had this when I was growing up but refused to trade it to me, much to my dismay.  Now, I finally have one.

22.  1997 Sports Illustrated for Kids.  This one, I was unaware of until recently.

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