Saturday, July 26, 2014

Three Parallels

There are not a ton of base cards out there that I still need.  So picking off the litany of parallels out there is what I am down to, for the most part.  Here are three recent pickups:
1.  1998 Zenith Z-Silver.  Zenith was a short-lived set by Pinnacle in the mid 1990's that re-emerged as a set from Donruss/Leaf in 2005.  So it came out at the end of the run by two different companies.  It was supposed to be a higher-end set in the mid 1990's with no more than 150 base cards in any of the sets.  This is the more common parallel from the 1998 set.

2.  1999 Stadium Club One of a Kind.  Kind of a misnomer as it was numbered to 150.  This remains one of my favorite photos of Alomar of all time.

3.  1998 Topps Gold Label Class 2 Red.  This is the rarest of the three, numbered to just 50.  I was actually unaware of the Red Label parallel before getting back into my Alomar collection and had not seen one before this one popped up.

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