Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Card #57: 1989 Upper Deck #5

YEAR: 1989
BRAND: Upper Deck
SET: Upper Deck
SUBSET: Rookies
TEAM: San Diego Padres

Here it is.  This was the big card early on in my collection.  THE most desirable Sandy Alomar Jr. card of the time.  I remember when this card was worth quite a bit.  And as a young collector, it was difficult for me to spend several dollars for one card.  It was $5.00 when I bought it, I think.  But for a 12-year-old, that was quite a bit for one card.  This was one of the big cards in a landmark set.  Of course it was not as important as the Ken Griffey Jr. rookie, but it was another key card.  Alomar was a major prospect at the time.

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