Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Wantlist Hits

All four of my newest cards hit from my wantlist.  That is a nice mailday.
1.  1990 BYN Puerto Rice Winter League Update.  Technically this one was not on my list, but it was the one I intended to have on there.  This is what I love about my player collection: the ability to get a variety of different items from all over the place.  I would never have a Winter League card in my Red Sox collection, but I have one in this collection.  Alomar played with the Leones de Ponce.

2.  1998 Topps Tek Pattern 69.  Alright, some new Tek cards.

3.  1998 Topps Tek Pattern 1.  This one is huge.  This is one of the missing patterns that for whatever reason did not get delivered to me when it was supposed to.  I ended up finding someone else that had it available.

4.  2005 Upper Deck First Pitch Signature Stars.  I was not 100% sure what this card was when I bought it on Ebay.  But I was thrilled when I received it and realized it was my #3 card on my Top 10.  It is a nice enough card with the White Sox uniform which is unusual for an Alomar autograph card, but then the logo on the back and the team on the front are the Texas Rangers.  This is just my fourth Rangers card of Alomar.

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