Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Hey, a Trade!

I don't get many trades done for Sandy Alomar Jr. cards.  I generally prefer trading because I don't have to spend any money and I help a fellow collector out.  That's the way it should be.  However, a lot of the people actively trading on the forums are younger or focused more on the newer sets.  So it is rare to find people who have one Sandy Alomar Jr. card, much less two.  But that happened recently and I got the following two cards, plus a couple of Red Sox in one trade:
1.  1998 Finest No Protector.  I finally got my answer.  You cannot simply remove the protector to become a No Protector card.  Both sides are chrome-like on the No Protector version as opposed to just the front on the regular version.

2.  2002 Fleer Box Score First Edition.  This was the card I was most happy about it.  I actually lost this one in a bidding war a few months back and most of the other times I have seen it, the prices have been astronomical.  But now I managed to snag it in a trade.

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  1. I went back to that Fleer Box Score auction, I hadn't realized we were bidding against each other on that card. I too had seen it listed for $12+ for a while and didn't want to pay that much for it with shipping. Shipping costs to Canada is the biggest factor for me when bidding on eBay. If the seller uses the automatic eBay shipping calculations, all shipping costs are $15 plus no matter the item cost.