Thursday, July 3, 2014

More Venting

Man, what is it about the Tek set that leads to so many damn problems?  Just recently I thought I had entered into a deal to get two more patterns for a decent price.  I thought the deal was done.  Then I didn't hear from the guy for over a week despite repeated emails to work it out.  I finally heard back last night and he no longer had the cards at all.  So that is now four patterns I thought I was going to have that fell through.  It frustrates me because I am having a hard enough time as it is trying to track these down.  If anyone has any for trade or sale, please let me know.  The ones I need are to the right and I have a lot to trade.  In particular I need the ones I should have gotten which are patterns 1, 29, 63, and 90.

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  1. There was a 98 Topps Tek collector on several different boards who used the username 'Togaman' that I got some Tek cards of Sandy about 1.5 years ago. Quick check shows he hasn't been active on a couple of the boards but has been on Blowoutcards, I can send you his contact info by email if you haven't already inquired with him. Matt