Friday, December 9, 2022

Here it Is


I promised something big and here it is.  This is easily the best card in my Alomar collection.  This is a jumbo bat nameplate relic from a game-used bat.  The bat piece is from the area that his named is burned in.  It is obviously a 1/1.  What makes the card even more interesting is the fact that Alomar is with the White Sox in this card.  His time with the White Sox is very underrepresented.  He played three stints with Chicago and parts of five seasons.  He was a backup catcher by that time though and did not appear in a lot of sets.  But now, the best card in my collection shows Alomar with the White Sox.  That's something.


  1. That is the one…it showed up in your have list within the week. Awesome card. Oddly, if I didn’t get it, I’m glad you did.

  2. that is a great card to bring to an already impressive player collection. congrats!