Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Card #312: 2003 Fleer Tradition Update #U194

YEAR: 2003
BRAND: Fleer
SET: Tradition Update
TEAM: Chicago White Sox

I am disappointed, but not surprised that Alomar did not appear in the regular set of Fleer Tradition.  It would have been nice to have another card of Alomar with the Rockies, since there are so few.  That is one of my general complaints about the way cards were going by the early 2000's.  Players who changed teams were held out until Series 2 or Update series.  Alomar does not really have a ton of White Sox cards either, but he has fewer than 10 with the Rockies.  I would have liked to see him represented with other teams more often.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Card #311: 1999 Topps #245

YEAR: 1999
BRAND: Topps
SET: Topps
TEAM: Cleveland Indians

1999 is one of my least-favorite years for Topps.  Most of this has to do with my feelings as a team collector though, so my Sandy Alomar Jr. collection is not as badly influenced by my feelings about the set.  This card is perfectly fine.  Fairly simple, Alomar is likely returning a warmup pitch.  I would have liked the picture better if he had been wearing the hockey-style mask.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I'm Back

Sorry about the long hiatus.  I just got tired of blogging.  I will try to post at a reasonable rate again now that I am back, but I doubt I will be posting daily.  I don't have a computer at home since my wife has annexed the laptop.  So I can really only post at work, and I don't have a ton of time to do that.

Anyway, here is the Sandy Alomar Jr. bobblehead, which now knocks off almost all of my 2015 collecting goals.
It is a nice piece, clearly celebrating his 1997 All Star Game MVP Award.  Very interesting piece.  The trophy is removable.  This is the only Sandy Alomar Jr. bobblehead of which I am aware.

As I said, the only remaining goal is to knock off one of the Top 10 Most Wanted cards that I needed on January 1.  

Here is what I would need to accomplish that from that list:
1. 1998 Topps Tek #27 (8, 11, 13, 21, 27, 54, 55, 71, 78, 83, 86)
2. 1997 Flair Showcase Masterpiece #115 (any version)
4. 1997 Topps Stars '97 All Stars #AS20
5. 1997 Pacific Baerga Softball #4
9. 2002 Topps Chrome Traded Black Refractor #T68
10. 2005 Topps Rookie Cup Blue #75

I am beginning to think I am not going to make it.  I knocked off a bunch of Tek cards and four of the other items from the list, but I have not seen any of the remaining cards.  If anyone has one, please let me know.

Card #310: 1992 Topps Micro #420

YEAR: 1992
BRAND: Topps
SET: Micro
TEAM: Cleveland Indians

Another of those odd Topps Micro sets.  I don't get them, but it is another card to add to my collection.  I pretty much said the same thing on the last post, I know, but it has been several months.