Thursday, January 16, 2020

2019 Topps Update Greatest Moments

Alomar appeared on another card late in 2019.  From the 150 Years of Baseball insert set came this card that also celebrates his All Star Game home run in 1997.  Unfortunately it uses the same photo as the Topps Archives Snapshots card, just one that is zoomed in a little more.  I have picked up the blue parallel, base and black parallel so far.  All at the same time.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Another Buyback

This was one I had my eye on for some time.  I have been going back and forth on whether I should consider this 1989 Bowman card as part of my Alomar collection for a little while.  Technically, it is more of a Sandy Alomar Sr. card that just happens to have Sandy Jr. and Roberto on it.  I guess if Topps does this though, that is good enough for me.  Getting the autographed buyback of it is just kind of a cool thing.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Monday, January 13, 2020

1997 Topps World Series Buyback

I did have to grab this one.  Numbered to just three, this is the first time I have seen a buyback from this subset.  It does not scan well, but it is a very nice card.  I still think that if Jose Mesa had not blown the last game of the 1997 World Series, Alomar would have been the World Series MVP.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

2019 Archives Signature Buyback Group Break

I bought into a two-case break for the 2019 Topps Archives Signature series some time ago.  I did this once before and picked up a card, so I figured my chances were reasonably good here too.  I did score a couple:
I have no idea if the gold ink cards are supposed to be some sort of variation, or if they are there for smaller print-run cards, or if they were just a fluke thing.  It is pretty cool though.  The 1997 Bowman is the rarer of the two, numbered to just eight.  The 1992 Topps card was not likely to be picked up by me, it is kind of a boring card, but adding it this way is just fine. 

Honestly I am a little tired of Topps doing these things with Alomar.  There is not much new to do with this idea.  I try to avoid getting cards I already have.  Although I am still looking for one of the 2005 Topps Total cards. 

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Black and White Auto

Here we have a Black and White autograph parallel card from the new Archives Snapshot card I talked about in the last post.  There are a number of parallels from that set, but this is the only one I have picked up thus far.  I could be wrong, but it looks like Alomar may have signed his uniform number in the loop in his signature.  Though it looks like an 18 instead of a 15, so I have no idea.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Hey, New Alomar Cards!

Towards the end of the year, some new cards of Sandy Alomar Jr. were actually released.  This was pretty good news and kind of unexpected.  Of course the year also saw a couple of online-only cards released with the Topps Now card and the Topps X card from the Francisco Lindor set. 

This was the first card released, an insert in the Topps Archives Snapshots set.  This card celebrates Alomar's winning of the All Star MVP in 1997.  This was after Alomar hit a home run off of the Giants' Shawn Estes in the seventh inning.  That eventually won the game. 

I had been saying for a while now that I wanted to see Topps acknowledge his All Star Game MVP in one of the various sets the brand has released.  Looks like they finally did it.