Thursday, October 25, 2018

Topps Tek Diffractor Pattern 6

This is my fifth Topps Tek Diffractor.  A member of a forum initially emailed me to check to see if I had any Tek doubles he needed and then the tables turned and he offered me a Diffractor.  Very nice price too.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Another Buyback

One of the reasons I have not gone absolutely crazy over these buybacks is that people are asking quite a bit for them.  I do not feel it is reasonable or necessary to spend more than $10.00 on most of these.  I get why people are asking so much for them.  They are a one-card-per-box item and it is completely reasonable to expect to get your money's worth for buying a box.  It just does not work out that way in real life.  Well, I finally found one for a reasonable price and I jumped all over it.  This card looks a lot better in person.  It is just my second of the 2017 buybacks and I honestly do not expect to get a ton more of these.  Maybe if they are of the lesser teams (I would love to find the 2005 Topps Total Rangers card for instance).  And if I can find them cheap, I will keep going.