Friday, May 1, 2015

Card #274: 2004 Fleer Tradition #428

YEAR: 2004
BRAND: Fleer
SET: Tradition
TEAM: Chicago White Sox

Here we arrive at the very first card that was posted about on this blog.  Alomar appeared seldomly in sets from 2001 forward.  So this was a rare time when Alomar appeared in a set in 2004, when he was mostly a backup catcher.  This is a high-numbered short-printed card, something that Fleer did to capitalize on the success Topps was having with Heritage.  The design was very similar to the 1990 Fleer design.  One more thing about this card: this is one of the rare moments when Alomar is pictured in a throwback uniform.  He is clearly wearing a White Sox uniform from the 1980's.  That combined with the hockey mask creates quite the interesting dichotomy.

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  1. Tremendous card! I have this one in my collection, too, and it's one of my favorites of Sandy.