Sunday, May 3, 2015

Card #276: 1998 Pacific Crown Collection Latinos of the Major Leagues #9

YEAR: 1998
BRAND: Pacific
SET: Crown Collection
INSERT: Latinos of the Major Leagues
TEAM: Cleveland Indians

Pacific was well-known for its focus on Latino players.  Besides having lesser-known Latinos show up in their base sets, they also did a number of inserts focusing on Latino stars.  1997 was a big year for Sandy Alomar Jr. so he was showing up in a number of sets and inserts.  And he was a big Latino star, so it was only natural for Pacific to include him in its insert set dedicated to Latino star players.  I picked this card up in a lot that also gave me the Omar Vizquel and the Pedro Martinez.  I do like the design with the team logo and the player's home country flag in the background.  This was kind of a nice-looking insert set.

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