Saturday, May 2, 2015

Card #275: 2003 Danbury Mint #95

YEAR: 2003
BRAND: Danbury Mint
SET: Danbury Mint
TEAM: Colorado Rockies

I started picking up the occasional Danbury Mint card for my Red Sox collection in the early 2000's.  This was the first Sandy Alomar Jr. card that I have picked up and it was the first one of which I was aware.  I jumped on it initially because there are so very few Colorado Rockies cards of Alomar out there.  He only spent the last part of the 2002 season with them.  Oddly, I would learn later that there are other versions of this card out there featuring Alomar with other teams.  I still wonder if I dug deep enough if I would find cards showing him with the Rangers, Dodgers, or hopefully the Mets.  Somehow I doubt it though.

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