Friday, October 10, 2014

Sandy Alomar Jr. for Manager?

I have long thought that Sandy Alomar Jr. would make an excellent manager.  I always thought that Cleveland would eventually give him the job.  He was the interim manager in 2012 for the final twelve games of the season.  But after the season, Cleveland hired Terry Francona to manage the team, moving Alomar back to first base coach.  Since then, Alomar has been mentioned as a strong possibility for the White Sox, Red Sox, and Blue Jays, among other teams.

Well it is that time of the year again.  Teams are looking for new managers.  Houston, Texas, Arizona, and Minnesota all dismissed their managers going into the offseason.  Houston has hired A.J. Hinch, leaving three teams seeking new managers and Alomar has been mentioned in rumors with the Diamondbacks and Twins.

Today it was announced that Alomar is one of four finalists for the Diamondbacks job.  Jim Tracy, Phil Nevin, and Chip Hale are the other finalists.  I would like to see Alomar get some managerial position or other, and soon.  I do think he will make an excellent manager and it would also mean that Alomar would get some more new cards.  Alomar has not had many cards since his retirement, other than the occasional buyback card.  I would love to see some new stuff start to come out and one of the easiest ways for that to happen would be for him to be named manager.

So, hopefully on Monday when the Diamondbacks announce their new manager, it will be Sandy Alomar Jr.

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