Friday, October 17, 2014

More 90's Parallel Madness

The late 1990's were when parallels started getting out of control.  Of course it has gotten worse since then.  This coincided with a time period when Alomar had his greatest season, so, he had a ton of cards.
1.  1999 Topps Chrome Refractor.  This is of course a parallel of a parallel set.  This was the second year Alomar wo.uld show up in a Topps Chrome set.

2.  1998 Topps Gold Label Class 3 Black Label.  This is a parallel of the third variation of the base card.  I don't really understand the Gold Label tiers honestly.

3.  1999 Invincible Platinum Blue.  The only difference between this and the base card is the color of the letters.  I am thrilled with this card because I bought it in a lot with some other Pacific cards.  The seller did not identify this card as a parallel and it was only through studying the picture that I realized it might be the Platinum Blue version and is serial-numbered to 67.

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