Thursday, October 2, 2014

COMC Order

I have been kicking around the possibility of buying up some cards on COMC for awhile now and the other day the temptation grew to be too much and I bought the bullet.  Then I added a bunch of other cards:
1.  1996 Stadium Club Extreme Players Gold.  I never really looked into what you could win with the Extreme Players contest.  I don't believe Alomar was a winning player in it anyway, so I am not too worried about it.

2.  1998 Pinnacle Inside Diamond Edition.  I picked up a few of the Pinnacle Inside cans when they were new but I never got any of the parallels.  I have no idea how rare they were.

3.  1998 SPx Finite Spectrum.  SPx was always kind of a weird set.  I never picked up any packs but I believe they were pretty high-end.  There were a bunch of parallels too.

4.  1999 Bowman's Best Refractor.  I had the atomic refractor already, which is kind of weird.

5.  1988 ProCards Triple A All Star.  Not many minor league cards left I believe.  There is one: a Wichita card that appears to be a special insert and I have never seen for sale.

6.  1997 Fleer Tiffany.  I think 1997 Fleer Tiffany was much more rare than 1996.  I think those fell one per pack.  But I bought several packs and never pulled a Tiffany.

7.  1999 Upper Deck 10th Anniversary Double.  A parallel of an insert.  I also recently picked up the much more rare Triple version.

8.  1997 Stadium Club Members Only.  I am a little annoyed with this card because the Members Only stamp is gone and the front is not any different than the base card.

9.  1998 Topps Gallery Auction 50 Pts.  I have no idea what these did either.  There are other point value cards.  I will keep my eye open.
10.  2003 Topps Chrome Refractor.  I fear that I am running out of easy-to-find non-Indians cards.  Don't get me wrong, Alomar's biggest success occurred with the Indians so I have no problem adding Indians cards, but it is always more fun to add a lesser team such as the White Sox.

11.  1997 Donruss Signature Series Signature Proof.  Another rarer parallel that is one of my first cards in my entire collection, including my Red Sox collection.

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