Friday, January 8, 2016

I Had an Epiphany

One day I was thinking about how there are no New York Mets cards of Sandy Alomar Jr. and I suddenly remembered that I count team cards in my Alomar collection if he is present in the picture.  So I took to Ebay to search and I found this 2008 Topps Heritage Short Print:
I looked closely and could immediately find Sandy in the top left-hand corner.  It helps that I knew what uniform numbers he wore in 2007.  He wore 19 and 28.  #19 is somewhere near the right-hand side of the second row and is most likely Jeff Conine.  But #28 was there in the top left corner.  And it is indeed Sandy Alomar Jr.

Here is a closeup:
And for another surprise, in the first row, we can find this guy:
That is Sandy Alomar, Sr.  

So now at last I have a New York Mets card of Sandy Alomar Jr.  Sure I would have preferred an actual card showing him alone, but this will do.  I have never been this excited about a team card before.

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  1. Wow, great thinking! And a pretty neat looking team card, to boot.