Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Team Card Mailday

Well after getting the Mets team card a few weeks ago and starving for some new cards, since Alomar cards I need have not been popping up much lately, I decided to get a few team cards.  Here are the cards together:
This is the 2007 Topps Heritage team card of the White Sox, the 2006 Topps team card of the Rangers and the 2005 Topps Heritage team card of the White Sox.

Now for an up close look at each card, starting with the 2007 White Sox card:
I like the fact that this card names a bunch of players and their general positions.  I am not sure if each of the players named is on the front of this card, or if there is anyone present that is not named.  Alomar is on the card, third from the right in the back row though, wearing uniform number 26.
Here is a very blurry scan of him.

Now for the Rangers card:
And once again, Alomar is in the back row, this time fifth from the right.  Here is another blurry scan of him:

And last, but not least, the 2005 White Sox card:
This is my favorite team card because Topps goes out of their way to positively identify everybody on the front.  Alomar is clearly listed, and here we have yet another blurry picture:
So, there you have it.  A bunch of other team cards to add to my collection.


  1. If you check out the 2015 Topps Update #286 Lindor RC, Alomar makes an appearance as the first base coach. The black chrome variation on ebay shows quite well.
    Nice to see you back blogging again Brad.

  2. I has not seen that before. That is an interesting picture. Probably not enough to add to this collection as i dont count cameos but interesting nonetheless.