Friday, December 11, 2015

One of the Last Remaining Padres Cards...

I am going to start catching up on all of the new cards I have gotten in the last several months.  Up first is this large Publications International Hottest Rookies sticker.  Cards of Alomar with teams other than the Indians are starting to dry up considerably.  I would see this card occasionally with three others, including Will Clark, for exorbitant prices on Ebay.  One finally came around for a lower price and I snatched it up.  There are only a few rare Padres cards still out there for me to get, which is okay, as Alomar only played eight games with the Padres.  I would really like it if there were more White Sox cards out there.  The Padres will remain the team that I have the second-most cards of in my collection, even though he played fewer games for them than for the White Sox, Rockies, Rangers, and Dodgers, and just as many games with the Mets.  Obviously Alomar was a top prospect while in the Padres system and that explains a lot of it, the rest is because there just were not as many sets making complete teams in the years he played for the other teams.

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