Wednesday, December 30, 2015

All the Sets Alomar Could Have Appeared in This Year

I did this some time last year looking at the last few years.  Well it is another year and Alomar has not appeared in any sets this year either.  Roberto Alomar appeared in a number of sets this year, many times as an Indian.  It is not really all that fair to compare the two.  Roberto is a Hall of Famer while Sandy fell well short.  But Sandy was a fan favorite type player and there were a number of such players to appear in other sets, like Orlando Hernandez, Deion Sanders, and Vinny Castilla.  I won't discuss too many of the base sets, but there will be one or two mentioned.  This is more for the insert sets that could have included Sandy Alomar Jr.

This insert set featured a number of rookies, current stars, and former stars.  I did not plan on including this until I saw that the former stars included such luminaries as Jeff Conine, Kevin Millar, John Franco, Steve Finley, and Rob Dibble.

Leaf celebrated the 25th anniversary of its 1990 set and included a number of buyback autographs from that set.  Alomar was not included.  But Carlos Baerga, Jerome Walton, Jim Leyritz, Juan Samuel, Lonnie Smith, Mike LaValliere, Pete Incaviglia, Tom Herr, and Von Hayes were among the signers.  Come on, LaValliere?

Once again, Alomar should be the type of player to appear as one of the Fan Favorites autos or short-printed cards.  You know who did appear?  John Olerud, Rob Dibble, Jose Cruz, Vinny Castilla, and Jose Vidro.  Autographs included were Al Leiter, Bucky Dent, Dontrelle Willis, Edgardo Alfonzo, Fernando Vina, Jose Cruz and Jose Cruz Jr., Jason Kendall, Joe Oliver, Jose Rijo, Mike Bordick, Marquis Grissom, Oscar Gamble, Sid Bream, and Scott Hatteberg.  Seriously, how does Sandy Alomar Jr. not appear in this set?  Even if you can't get him to do a bunch of autographs, which I believe might be part of the problem, you can still include him in the non-autographed cards.

This was a set made up of buyback autographs.  Topps released a wide range of cards, but had a limited number of players.  Those players included Jim Abbott, Vinny Castilla, David Cone, Eric Davis, John Franco, Andres Galarraga, Luis Gonzalez, Livan Hernandez, Orlando Hernandez, Howard Johnson, John Kruk, Fernando Valenzuela, and Mookie Wilson.

This 20 card insert set celebrated players who had an impressive hot streak.  Nomar Garciaparra, who is one of my favorite players of all time, is in the set due to his 30 game hitting streak.  Sandy Alomar Jr. also had a 30 game hitting streak in 1997, yet is not in the set.  His streak is probably more impressive since catchers are not expected to put together such hitting feats.  Livan Hernandez and Vinny Castilla are also in the set.

One of these years Topps will probably start including cards of Sandy Alomar Jr. and then he will be everywhere.  That seems to be their modus operandi.  Look at how many times Vinny Castilla and Livan Hernandez appeared above. 

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